Vision: From the Highest in Me to the Highest in You

Purpose and Meaning may be two sides of the same coin
Purpose is revealed/ visible in HOW I live
Meaning is experienced in WHY I live 
Purpose is my interface with the external
Meaning is my interface with the internal
Purpose is WHAT I DO in the outer world
Meaning is HOW I FEEL in my inner world
Purpose is driven by grit
Meaning is enlivened by grace
When Meaning is lost, Purpose loses its punch
When Meaning is re-discovered, Purpose finds its purpose :
Like a river, Purpose is dynamic, ever-fresh, exploring, finding a path
Like the banks, Meaning shapes, holds and directs its flow
As Purpose unfolds and manifests, Meaning evolves and crystallizes. - Sujata Ameya 

As a child, I admired (almost) all my teachers and always dreamt of becoming a 'Teacher' myself.  More importantly, I loved teaching. Thankfully, in helping my brother, cousin, neighbour, classmates and friends with their school and college work, I discovered I was also very good at it.

As a child, I was deeply intrigued by who God might be, how S/He looked, whether we would ever meet, why S/He created the Universe and most importantly, HOW it was created. This curiosity led to voracious reading of any and everything related to these questions, and has made me a life-long Seeker-Learner. It has directed my course of higher studies and continues to influence my choice of further trainings.

As a child, I was also extremely curious about why people spoke and behaved the way they did. As a pre-teen, I felt important and confused that adults, often complete strangers opened up and spoke to me about their problems. Around the same time, I came to know from my uncle who was a practicing psychiatrist in the US, that there actually exists a profession where one can help people feel better and resolve their issues by Listening to them! At 15, I made up my mind that I will study to be a Psychotherapist.  I did my B.A in Psychology, M.A. in Counselling Psychology, and went on to complete my M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology at 24.

Ever since, All I have done (and hope to continue to do till my last breath) is Seeking, Learning, Listening and Teaching! Soon I realized that not only are these pursuits potent ingredients for personal growth, but they also complement and feed each other, setting off an infinitely enriching spiral of Creative Expression. To the best of my awareness, Seeking, Listening, Learning, Teaching and Creativity are the five pillars of the work I do. They also define who I am as a person and how I live and engage with the world every day.

Working with individuals, couples and families in my consultation room and heterogenous groups attending my workshops, I learnt that inter-personal relationships (especially with significant others) can be the cause of conflict as well as the catalyst for transcendence (to the next level of personal growth). This rule applies equally to one’s relationship with oneself.  One's conflict and discontent with oneself (reflected as conflict with the other) can become a personal pathway to self-actualization.

Over the years, I recognized and continue to be struck by several distinct and inescapable features of the journey of self-discovery and self-actualization:

  • It is personal – no one can do it for you/ on your behalf
  • It is unique – while there may be commonalities, not one journey is like another
  • It takes effort, patience and commitment, no easy short-cuts
  • It is an ‘inner’ journey, discernible only by its impact later, not during the process itself
  • It is infinite, perennial and eternal, expanding and advancing like the horizon

The name Inner Horizons is inspired by and reflective of these features.

The Vision of Inner Horizons is to serve as a bridge for seekers to traverse between the outer-mundane world of everyday practicality and the inner-spiritual world of infinite possibility,  with the clarity and conviction that comes from understanding one's own experience and  reckoning with one's own truth.

The Mission of Inner Horizons is to provide a safe and sacred space for seekers to explore their relationship to Self, Other and Context, in order to discover and pursue their personal and unique path to self-actualization.

In my role as a psychotherapist and workshop facilitator, I feel uniquely blessed and privileged to have the incredible opportunity to facilitate these sacred and transformative inner journeys. I believe my clinical practice and my course ‘Art & Science of Self-Actualization’ are a result of an exquisite amalgamation of my five gift-skills. They are an offering of/from the best of me, and an invitation to discover and actualize the best of you 😊.