Part-2: Wholeness in relationships

"THE BELOVED"   is a series of bilingual (about 90% English and 10% Telugu) conversations on the nature and meaning of Love. The discussions attempt to tease out and clarify the psychological variables that come together to create the experience of romantic love. The interviews also aim to throw light on how love works in marriage and intimate relationships, and why it fails. These videos are dedicated to the eternal romantic who courageously treads the path of love, in search of the Beloved. The journey ends, and begins anew, when the romantic finally meets the 'Inner Beloved'. This is an offering OF love, TO love, WITH love.  -Sujata Ameya


Part-6:  The Perfect Partner

Part-4: Conflicts in relationships

Part-1: What is love

Part-5: Soulmate  relationships

Part-3: Attraction in relationships