Universal principles can sometimes be captured and expressed in bite-sized quotes. (I think the technical word for this is Aphorisms?!). I seem to be most susceptible 😉 to such epiphanies upon waking up in the morning, when I am in the twilight zone between being awake but not yet fully functional. This, most often is also the time I am groggily brushing my teeth. Invariably, these are nano-second flashes of insight, a deep sense of ‘knowing’ the idea/concept, such that I feel absolutely sure of being able to speak about it later or reproduce it if needed. Very quickly I realized that unless I am fully present to the insight, AND also jot it down right away, it can evaporate as soon as I begin to frame it in words. So I began the rather inconvenient practice of temporarily suspending the activity of dental cleaning and making a quick note of the insight. This is also the reason why these tiny ‘downloads’ of wisdom – sometimes common sense, often profound, are called “ToothBrushInsights”. I frequently share them on my Facebook page under the hashtag #ToothbrushInsights.

I realize that the above process of ‘accessing knowledge’ might sound somewhat mystical or divinely guided, and completely plausible to some of us. But for the sceptics amongst us, I would like to add that these might be the result of being blessed/ rewarded for my persistent, almost dogged inner questing to get to the core of an idea. If I am trying to understand something, I tend to remain smitten by it until I feel I have completely assimilated it. I am grateful to Don Pilch a kindred soul, and a beloved friend & guide, for teaching me this method of ‘holding the question’ and experientially staying focused on it until you get to the essence of it. I may have had a natural inclination to ponder right from my early years, but its only recently that I have begun the practice of consciously pursuing the process, & more importantly, VALUING it.       - Sujata Ameya 

Tiny Downloads of Wit & Wisdom