Sudheer Koneru, CEO, Zenoti

This course develops emotional intelligence in participants which is proven to be a core requirement   for successful leaders. It not only helps individuals in having satisfying careers but will fundamentally change the way you relate to yourself and your life. It helps create harmonious relationships in personal lives as well. For me personally it has given the tools to continue my self-discovery process. The course and Sujata helped me through this journey.

Ravi Vedula, Director, Cadence Design

In my personal experience, your workshops acted as mirror to my personality both at surface level and at a deeper level. You are authentic and extremely eloquent in dealing with the challenges and contradictions I faced in my personal and professional lives. I found the activities designed for experiential learning were well thought out and have high degree of relevance.

Charu Srinivasan, Microsoft Corporation

Although I joined the 12th batch of Inner Horizons with a fair amount of trepidation it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. For me, the practice of empathy was a significant learning during and beyond class. This significantly changed my interactions with family and close friends as well as professional relationships.

Hariprasad,  Accenture, India

This course turned out to be an exemplary blend of self discovery and development of counselling skills. It was less   theory and more experience. It was really hard to miss a single class when you know the kind of experiential learning that you’ll be missing. The classroom activities and teachings helped me see many blind spots in my personality and the process left me wondering each time how I had overlooked such an important aspect.

Neti Srinivasan, COO, Ryan Group of Institutions

I joined the course with a curious mind and with little expectations. The whole experience was transformative. The environment is very protective and allows for deep introspection and sharing. The aspect that especially appealed to me was that this was completely experiential, so no lectures or notes! The best takeaway for me was a much better understanding of ‘empathy’ and the manner in which one could apply it practically.  Sujata brings remarkable passion & energy to her work and it shows. Her knowledge in the subject is vast and she uses it effectively to make sure each session is highly engaging and energized.  Level of participation she is able to create is exceptional.  Truly one of the best programs I have attended.

Shanthi Balasubramanian, Freelancer

I feel absolutely free from my past and light-heartedly enjoying the present. I learnt the awe inspiring power of affirmations through this course. Conscious Authentic Dialogue is such a wholesome concept by which not only the counseling process but every human relationship becomes effortless and meaningful. The learning from this course is priceless and life-long….It has paid off a million times over.

Mallikarjun Bhat, Cognizant 

I am using this learning to enrich my professional life by being genuine and assertive about my feelings to my bosses and developing a greater understanding of their thoughts and feelings in situations that impact our careers.

Manisha Nair, Yoga Therapist

The course taught me to be empathic, authentic and open minded, to myself first, before I can extend these to the world outside; to be aware of and distinguish between my thoughts and emotions, “doing” and “being”. It has taught me the real meaning of acceptance, which is the ability to breathe with the current moment. It has allowed me to forgive myself and be truly grateful. Basically, what the course ‘taught’ me is to look within and seek myself, and what I ‘learned’ is that I like what I found.