• To enable educators to experience sustained positive regard for self and others
  • To help them derive fulfilment by creatively applying their existing knowledge and skills
  • To guide them to innovatively impart the above competencies to their students

The workshop activities are designed such that participants "get" personally relevant insights through playful and non-threatening activities. Most of the activities are based on body movement, breath and posture, art, visualization, case studies, role-plays, reflection, small-group sharing and whole group debrief. The methodology ensures that the learning is embodied through experiential rather than intellectual understanding. Read More

"Enthusiasm and energy come organically for tasks that are aligned with your true self. More than learning skills of self-motivation, develop skills of self-awareness. Then the tasks you undertake would naturally be closer to whatever is meaningful-purposeful to YOU" -Sujata Potay

Benefits: Wholehearted participation in the workshop series will result in

  • Better relationship with students through effective communication skills
  • Evoking and sustaining students’ interest in the subject
  • Innovating on classroom teaching methods
  • Igniting pride, passion and love of the subject in students
  • Mentoring and coaching skills to bring out the best in students
  • Enhancement in mutual respect, trust and support amongst faculty
  • Deeper professional sharing and exchange amongst faculty

The workshop methodology is Integrative-Holistic and Entirely Experiential. The goal of the SEEd course is to impart practical skills to participants such that they develop and integrate the newly learned skills at all levels viz. Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual.

Self-Empowerment for Educators (SEEd)
Learning & Teaching with Emotional Intelligence

Self-Empowerment for Educators is an 8-day experiential workshop has been exclusively designed to enhance the emotional intelligence of faculty members of schools and colleges.  In addition to promoting the overall personal and professional growth of participants, the three main objectives of the workshop series are: