And then my Beloved
As my mind wandered wide 
And far across the landscape 
Of my life, my many paths
Down the deep valley of longing and
Into the dense forest of heart-break
Up the steep mountain of persistence
Plodding the vast plains of not knowing
Through the desert of dry despair
But emerged actually drenched 
By unexpected showers of Grace
Startled awake from unconsciousness 
By sprinklers of divine beneficence 
Then it struck me my Beloved
That my heart was being cracked
Open to receive your love
That I was being prepared
To welcome you in fullness
And to meet you in wholeness

Soulmate... is the one who
Connects you with your soul
Perceives the highest in you
And enables you to remain 
Aligned with your greatest purpose.
Soulmate... is the one who
Encourages you to stay 
The path and has the patience 
Commitment and the courage 
To introduce you to yourself.
Soulmate... is the one who
Lovingly brings your attention 
To your light, and to your shadow
To set you on a journey 
Of discovery such that you
Recognize your own wholeness
Delight in your uniqueness and
Revel in your magnificence and
Joyfully become a channel for
Divine Grace to flow 

I ask me my Beloved, who are you
They ask me my Beloved, what are you
You are the ground and you are the flight
You are the bright day, and the dark night
You are the thirst, and the quenching as well
You are the teacher and the learning as well
You are the mirror, you are the reflection
You are contemplation, you are distraction
You are the endurance, and the release as well
You are the pulse, and the pause as well
You are the echo, and you are the silence
You are emptiness, you are resplendence
You are the longing, you are the redemption 
You are the quest, you are the revelation
You are the inquiry, the insight also are you
You are the journey, you are the destination
You are the rhythm, you are life
You are also death, the quiet dissolution.
Tell me my Beloved, who are you not!
Tell them my Beloved, what are you not!

Inspired by & Dedicated to the Beloved in Each of Us
... The Ancient & Eternal Soulmate... The Doorway to Divine Wisdom & Grace
  A few of the poems written by and some of the mandalas colored by Sujata Ameya (potay)

I will never cease 
To wonder my Beloved
Whether it was my imagination 
That wished you into being
Or it was my burning intent
That nudged you into existence
I continue to wonder
Every moment my Beloved
Whether it was you
Who walked into my world
Or was it the Divine
Who willed you into mine

I came to meet you my Beloved
In the distant realm of sheer possibility

With trepidation and utter uncertainty
I didnt know then my Beloved
How long it would take
How long I would have to wait 
To behold your beautiful face
To dance in your adoring gaze
To soak-in your handsomeness
To exhale in your embrace
To bask in your warmth
To tremble in your admiration
To come alive in your attention
To shine in your presence
Breath comes to me my Beloved
Now that we really met