Past Events

     ​​    - July 20th, 2019 - 11 AM to 12:30 PM at Goethe Zentrum, Banjara Hills. MAP

Interactive session by Sujata  on
"Art & Science of Befriending the mind"
was held at Goethe-Zentrum, Banjara Hills
on September 21st, 2018.

​​"Art & Science of Self-Actualization (ASSA)”

An interactive seminar on how to use life- transitions and relationship challenges as doorways to self-discovery and Self-actualization.

Examine and find life-altering answers to questions such as:
1. How do I relate to myself without pride or shame?
2. How do I engage in relationships without getting entangled?
3. How do I use adversity to sculpt the best version of myself?
4. How do I harness my greatest potential and best serve the world?

​Art & Science of Self-Actualization (ASSA)

Art & Science of Self-Actualization

Completed Batch 16 (June 9,2018-October6,2018)

"Art & Science of Self-Actualization" (ASSA) is an
experiential course based on the principle of

“GROW through whatever you GO through”.
The course enables participants to use their ongoing relationship issues and life-challenges as pathways to self-discovery and self-actualization.
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Interactive session by Sujata on
"Art & Science of Helpful Conversation"

was held at Goethe-Zentrum, Banjara Hills
on October 26th, 2018.


When and Where

   Interactive Session by Sujata on
"Art & Science of Intimate Relationship" was held at Goethe Zentrum, Banjara Hills on November 23rd, 2018.

      Art & Science of Be-loved 

Completed Batch 5 (June 1 and June 2,2019)

 “Art & Science of The Beloved” is a  2-day experiential workshop that enables you explore & enrich your relationship with your self and your significant other.
 The search for Relationship is often a disguised search for the   Self. When this need to find, see and meet oneself is not met   in a marriage/ partnership, it results in conflict, betrayal and   heartbreak. Click
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