To say that the therapeutic engagement is an enriching and transformative experience for both client and therapist, is to state the obvious. Skillfully and ethically practised psychotherapy fundamentally comprises LISTENING DEEPLY and SPEAKING AUTHENTICALLY. To me, it is the ultimate act of love – to be fully and unconditionally present to someone, and to care enough to practise ‘ruthless compassion’. It is also a priceless privilege and a divine blessing.

Normalizing vs. Transcending: Adversities and challenges are seen by most people as problems to be solved or impediments to be overcome, so that ‘things are back to normal at the earliest’. My approach to therapy is distinct in that it helps clients to relate to 'problems' as opportunities for transcending from the present to the next level of growth and evolution. It helps them to see problems as doorways to self-discovery and signposts on path to self-exploration as long as they are willing to ‘look and work on the inside’.

The most distinctive feature of my approach is the practice of Presence and Inclusivity whereby a holding space is created, to experience and witness ALL facets and layers of a ‘problem’. This allows for the organic Emergence of a unique, creative and Wholesome Resolution, rather than the ‘expert’ offering a ‘smart solution’. This also ensures greater ownership of and commitment to the (occasionally longish) process of psychotherapy.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy honours and includes the best practices of modern psychology as well as the timeless and universal principles of ancient wisdom traditions (aka spirituality). In understanding and working with human concerns, it is holistic in its scope and integrative-eclectic in its approach. It enquires and works with both the obvious and the subtle facets of any human issue:  the psycho-social context in which it has arisen, the concerned person’s unconscious motivations, along with their complex and textured emotions, how they manifest in the body, and his/her personal connection (or its absence) with the Universe.

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