For Whom: Singles, Spouses, Partners, Individuals going through Separation/Divorce. Also recommended for Psychotherapists and Counsellors working with couples.

How:  The workshop activities are designed such that participants "get" personally relevant insights through playful and non-threatening activities. Most of the activities are based on body movement, breath and posture, art, meditation, reflection, role-plays, small-group sharing and whole group debrief. Read More

Wholehearted participation in the workshop results in significant therapeutic benefits allowing the participants to implement the takeaways, independent of a facilitator/therapist. However, it is not recommended as a substitute for psychotherapy or a space for finding a partner.

Art & Science of The Be-loved (ASB)

Relationship as a Path to Self-Actualization

"Held close for long enough, gently but firmly, longing expands the heart and transforms itself into the capacity to love oneself without judgment, and love the other without clinging" - Sujata Potay

“Art & Science of The Be-loved”  is a  5-day experiential workshop based on the tenet that Intimate Relationship / Marriage can be a pathway to Self-Actualization. Using playful yet powerful insight-evoking activities, the workshop enables participants to explore and enrich their relationship with self and others. Without having to reveal personal details, participants takeaway principles of conscious relationship that are applicable to the unique challenges of their personal situation. 

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“Art & Science of The Be-loved” helps participants understand the inter-play of Personal Space, Boundary, Compatibility and Constraints that are inevitable in an intimate relationship. Participants learn how the active practice and demonstration of Respect, Trust and Care (RTC) are critical in evoking the experience of Love for Self and Other.   Participants also experience how their relationship with others is reflective of their relationship with themselves.

Benefits: Active and wholehearted participation in the workshop brings into awareness the hidden psychological patterns operative in one’s relationship to self and others.  Simultaneously, the participants get an intuitive sense of how they need to be / what  they need to do differently in their relationship to derive more joy & satisfaction and promote mutual growth.