• Understanding Presence in the inter-personal interactions
  • Recognizing and Defining Personal Space; Knowing and Defending Personal Boundary
  • Identifying and Overcoming Conditioned Interaction Patterns vis-à-vis Gender and Authority Figures
  • Understanding and Minimizing the Impact of Shadow in Relationships
  • Understanding and Practicing Non-Judgmentality, Non-Assumptiveness, Non-Directiveness and Non-Attachment
  • Understanding Empathy
  • Practicing Empathic Dialogue; Balancing Authenticity and Compassion 

'Art & Science of Self-Actualization' was launched with it's first batch of five participants in August of 1995. While the subsequent few batches comprised mostly of psychology students, later batches included increasing number of participants from varied fields (see below). Over the years the course  has evolved both in content and duration to keep pace with the needs of it's particpants and society at large. However the one-of-it's kind experiential methodology based on holistic-integrative principles has remained unchanged.  So far, fifteen batches of the course have been conducted graduating 300+ alumni, many of whom are practicing counselors, coaches and workshop facilitators.


  • Understanding Presence
  • The Journey so far: Family Constellation; Biography Overview
  • Unravelling Identity: Recognizing Unconscious Needs and Behavior Patterns, Uncovering Authority Messages and Irrational Beliefs
  • Clarifying Values, Understanding and Working with Shadows
  • Understanding Integrity: Experiencing Presence to SELF
  • Understanding Destiny, Choosing with Free Will and taking Responsibility for Consequences
  • Living from/with Integrity: Aligning Needs, Values, Speech, Behaviour and Choices

Course Content;

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  • Understanding Presence in the emerging context
  • Understanding and owning one’s Motivations and Needs
  • Holding a Clear Intention
  • Being the Channel: Not mistaking Self to be the Source
  • Balancing Grit and Grace
  • Working for the Greater Good
  • Understanding Flexibility: Responding to emergence with Presence

Art & Science of Self-Actualization (ASSA)

Discover and Actualize your True Self

"In any human system (marital/family/organisation/coaching/therapy), the person who 'knows' the solution to a problem is least likely to be able to implement it. The one who 'engages' with the problem is most likely to discover an organic breakthrough that works not just for the person but also the system.
(The same reason why 'good advice' almost never works!). Of course the critical distinction here is consciousness: the ability to remain engaged rather than become entangled." -
Sujata Potay

  • Humans have an innate drive towards personal growth/ self-actualization (to be and become the best they can/are meant to).
  • Sudden crises and persistent challenges are not only inevitable but also integral to the journey of Individuation, Self-Mastery and Leadership/Self-less Service. 
  • Unexamined and conditioned response patterns of one’s personality yield temporary solutions but obstruct authentic growth.
  • Successful transition to the next stage of one’s growth requires the core skills of Living from/with Integrity (RESILIENCE), Engaging with Empathy (RELATIONSHIP) and Responding with Flexibility (RESPONSIVENESS). 
  • All of the above derive from and contribute to one’s capacity for PRESENCE.

further enhances the essential skills of RESILIENCE, RELATIONSHIP and RESPONSIVENESS. The course also imparts to the participants the skills required to facilitate similar journeys for others.

ASSA is designed based on the following universal principles:

Art and Science of Self-Actualization is an intensive-experiential 60-hour training & certification course for practicing & aspiring Counselors and Coaches. ASSA enables participants to work with their present life-stage/situation as a path to self-discovery and as a catalyst to self-actualization. This insight-based course takes participants through a structured process of self-exploration to overcome dysfunctional patterns of their personality and embrace their authentic self. The course

Course Methodology:  The course is designed such that participants "get" personally relevant insights through playful and non-threatening activities. Most of the activities are based on body movement, breath and posture, art, meditation, reflection, role-plays, small-group sharing and whole group debrief.

Participant Takeaways: Significant Enhancements in Self-Awareness, Self-Discovery, Self-Expression, Personal Effectiveness, Authenticity, Empathic Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Skills, Managing Transitions.

For Whom:

  • If you are an aspiring or a practicing professional in the fields of learning & development, human resource, process work, education, social work, nursing, law, architecture/design, training & facilitation, counseling, coaching and psychotherapy.
  • If you are navigating a transition such as: relocation, exploring a new career, death of a loved one, separation/ divorce, empty-nest syndrome, or dealing with breakdown of health/ finances/ relationships.
  • If you are a seeker trying to find meaning and purpose in life.

Past Participants:  The Course has attracted participants with roles as varied as, Directors/Founders/Partners, C-Level Executives, HR/Talent Managers, Thought Leaders, Learning & Training Facilitators, Entrepreneurs, Educationists, Journalists, Artists, Armed Forces Personnel, Writers, Interior designers, Architects, Health/Healing Professionals (Physicians, Psychologists, Homeopaths, Counselors, Doctors of Alternative & Wellness Therapies) & Home-makers. References available on request.