Art & Science of Self-Actualization (ASSA)
Grow Through Whatever You Go Through

       "In any human system (marital/family/organisation/coaching/therapy), the person who 'knows' the solution to a problem is least likely to be able to implement it. The one who 'engages' with the problem is most likely to discover an organic breakthrough that works not just for the person but also the system.
(The same reason why 'good advice' almost never works!). Of course the critical distinction here is consciousness: the ability to remain engaged rather than become entangled." -
Sujata  Ameya (potay)

Applying the principle of “GROW through whatever you GO through” ASSA enables participants to use their ONGOING relationship-issues and life-challenges as pathways to self-discovery, self-mastery and actualizing one's highest potential (self-actualization).

"Using  EMPATHIC DIALOGUE as a foundation,  ASSA helps participants explore the three inter-connected psycho-spiritual aspects vital for conscious living, viz. Personal Meaning, Intimate Relationships and Life Purpose. Through structured activities and systematic reflection, participants are guided to discover their Essence (“Who am I ?”), deepen their Connection (“How do I relate to people?") and flow with Emergence (“What do I do in/for the World?”).


  • You are navigating a transition such as: relocation, exploring a new career, death of a loved one, separation/ divorce, empty-nest syndrome, or dealing with breakdown of health/ finances/ relationships...
  • You are in a leadership role, looking to enhance skills of conflict resolution, negotiation, decision-making, employee engagement, coaching and mentoring...
  • You are a professional in the fields of learning & development, human resource, process work, education, training & facilitation, counseling, healing and therapy...
  • You are a seeker looking for meaning and purpose...
  • You are struggling with the feeling of “Been there, Done that, Now what...?”

Course Methodology:  The course is designed such that participants "get" personally relevant insights through playful and non-threatening activities. Most of the activities are based on body movement, breath and posture, art, meditation, reflection, role-plays, small-group sharing and whole group debrief. Read More

Past Participants:  The Course has attracted participants with roles/professions as varied as, Directors/Founders/Partners, C-Level Executives, HR/Talent Managers, Thought Leaders, Learning & Training Facilitators, Life and Executive Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Educationists, Journalists, Artists, Armed Forces Personnel, Writers, Interior designers, Architects, Health/Healing Professionals (Physicians, Psychologists, Homeopaths, Counselors, Doctors of Alternative & Wellness Therapies) & Home-makers.

ASSA Graduates have Reported the Following Takeaways:

Greater Clarity of Meaning and Purpose, Significant Improvement in Intimate Relationships, Improved Inter-Personal relationships, Enhanced Capacity for Presence, Ongoing Self-discovery, Improved Self-Esteem and Personal Effectiveness, Refinement in skills of Authenticity & Empathy, Marked Improvement in Emotional Intelligence, Greater Confidence in Managing Transitions.
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Course Content

MEANING (self):

  • The Journey so far: Family Constellation; Biography Overview
  • Unravelling Identity: Recognizing Unconscious Needs and Behavior Patterns, Uncovering Authority Messages and Irrational Beliefs
  • Clarifying Values, Understanding and Working with Shadows
  • Understanding Essence: Experiencing Presence to SELF
  • Understanding Destiny, Choosing with Free Will and taking Responsibility for Consequences
  • Living from Essence: Aligning Needs, Values, Speech, Behaviour and Choices


  • Recognizing and Defining Personal Space; Knowing and Defending Personal Boundary
  • Identifying and Overcoming Conditioned Interaction Patterns vis-à-vis Gender and Authority Figures
  • Understanding and Minimizing the Impact of Shadow in Relationships
  • Understanding and Practicing Non-Judgmentality, Non-Assumptiveness, Non-Directiveness and Non-Attachment
  • Understanding Connection
  • Practicing Empathic Dialogue; Balancing Authenticity and Compassion 

'Art & Science of Self-Actualization' was launched with it's first batch of five participants in August of 1995. While the subsequent few batches comprised mostly of counselors and students from psychology/social work, later batches included increasing number of participants from varied fields (see Past Participants below). Over the years the course  has evolved in content, duration and format. However the one-of-it's kind immersive, insight-evoking methodology based on holistic-integrative principles has remained unchanged.  So far, fifteen foundation batches and one advanced batch of the course have been conducted graduating 300+ alumni, many of whom are practicing counselors, coaches and workshop facilitators.

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"Art & Science of Self-Actualization" (ASSA) is an experiential course that enables you to MASTER THE SKILLS OF EMPATHY and APPLY EMPATHY AS A TOOL TO

  • Discover Meaning
  • Deepen Relationships
  • Decode Purpose
  • Sculpt the Greatest Version of Yourself
  • Facilitate similar journeys for others

PURPOSE (context):

  • Understanding and owning one’s Motivations and Needs
  • Holding a Clear Intention
  • Being the Channel: Not mistaking Self to be the Source
  • Balancing Grit and Grace
  • Working for the Greater Good
  • Understanding and responding to Emergence