Benefits: Active and wholehearted participation in the workshop hones the skills of deep listening, reflecting, clarifying, challenging, and authentic self-expression, which are essential to empathic communication and transformational leadership.   The participants learn to identify the common misconceptions about empathy and experientially imbibe the skills of responding with accurate and dynamic empathy.

Art & Science of Empathic Leadership
Grow Through Whatever You Go Through

The workshop activities are designed such that participants "get" personally relevant insights through playful and non-threatening activities. Most of the activities are based on body movement, breath and posture, art, visualization, case studies, role-plays, reflection, small-group sharing and whole group debrief. The methodology ensures that the learning is embodied through experiential rather than intellectual understanding. Read More

For Whom:

  • CXO's, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone who requires to interact with, teach, support, advise, nurture, train, guide, direct, motivate, manage and develop individuals or teams.
  • Professionals in the field of human resource, talent management, learning and development, process work, education, training and facilitation, coaching, mentoring and counseling.

  "EMPATHY is perceiving without distortion.

       EMPATHY is the state of being that enables you to perceive in any situation an opportunity to serve.

       EMPATHY can be a slow but sure path to an irreversible expansion of Consciousness.
       EMPATHY is intelligent compassion.
       EMPATHY is tough love." -
Sujata Potay

Empathic Leadership is about operating from a default state of clear and total Presence to Self, Other and Context. While accurately understanding the employee's current reality and responding to the need of the moment, an empathic leader perceives the employee's highest potential and guides them to their greatest possibility.

Art & Science of Empathic Leadership is a 5-day experiential workshop on Emotional Intelligence that imparts the skills of Empathic Dialogue and its’ application in building trust, resolving conflict, having difficult conversations, negotiating, solving problems, counseling, coaching and mentoring.  ASEL brings into awareness the habitual response patterns operative in one’s behavior as a leader. Simultaneously, the participants get an intuitive senseof how they need to be/ what they need to do differently in order to practice empathic leadership.