The workshop methodology is entirely experiential, based in the here-and-now experience, and authentic sharing of both participants and facilitator.

Body-breath-movement-posture is used as a primary learning tool. Individual exercises, dyadic and group games, stories, guided visualization, role-plays, playful and insightful activities and brainstorming  are also used.

The process and content aspects of group interactions are facilitated such that a safe and trusting space for reflection, contemplation & authentic dialogue is created.

Philosophy, Methodology and Content

Integrating Logic and Magic;

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Workshops at Inner Horizons are based on the tenet that ‘Knowledge is Inherent in the Learner’ and ‘Wisdom is Hidden in the Seeker’. A holistic and experiential approach to facilitation  enables learning at all levels of the individual, viz. the body, intellect, heart and soul.  It allows participants to access in a fun and light-hearted manner, personally relevant insights that are applicable immediately and for always.

Modern Psychology: Jungian Analysis, Rogerian and Gestalt approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Methods, Transactional Analysis, Existential Philosophy, Transpersonal Psychology, Systems Theory, Art and Movement Therapy, Consciousness Studies.

Ancient Wisdom Traditions: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Vedanta, Vipassana, The Bhagavad Geeta,  Aurobindo, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, The Enneagram, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishadic stories.

Complimentary/ Alternative Approaches:Family Constellations, Past-Life Regression, Kinesiology,  Holotropic Breathwork, Mind-Body Approaches, Art and Movement Therapy.