"When words reveal your inner being, they are powerful; when you use words to conceal your truth, they are 
       forceful, but ineffective."

"The most profound decisions are made in the quietest of times, with no pomp or show. And then, in a gush,

        life starts flowing again."

      "When I think with my head, I'm more or less safe. When I think with/from my heart, I'm mostly muddled.
       But when I think 'through' my heart, I'm not only clear and transparent, but also safe! It's not which mode
       is better  or worse, rather how to bring the best of both abilities/ aspects to every situation I  encounter."
"It is said life is a journey of learning.. but the real fun unravels when you Begin to UNLEARN."

      "Mal-intent is not necessary to ruin a relationship. Apathy is enough. And some ego always comes in handy."

"Your life challenges are your personal gateway to self-discovery. When faced with a problem you make
       make choices. The choices reveal what is most valuable to you. Your values reveal who you are - not to
       the world - but to yourself. Once you recognize who you are, the only thing you are responsible for is to
       honour and protect what you discovered... its precious, unique and really the only thing you 'own'."

      "While I was busy rationalizing the past and controlling the future, the present was right in my face."

"Desires can exhaust, but expectations will ravage your soul, deplete your spirit and ruin your peace of mind."

      "The Universe cant/ wont show up for work until and unless you go on Leave!"

"When you hold on to the dice afraid of what will show up, you cant engage the Universe. Once you roll
       the dice though, the Universe joyfully plays along, often in your favour!"

      "If you do not recognize and embrace what is in front of you, it will retreat into your unconscious and ride
       with you as a blind-spot (very apparent to all but invisible to yourself)  and will chase you as a
       repetitive, dysfunctional pattern all your life."

"Attention (positive or negative) is the most TANGIBLE medium of Giving and Receiving Love. Perhaps
        this is why hate doesn't invalidate and kill your spirit the way Apathy does."

       "Love is the effect, not the cause of the healing.  Healing leads to a well-spring of love from within."

"I chance upon creativity in an unexpected moment, when I get into a state of complete engrossment,
        and hence touch an abiding universal principle at play in the object of my study."

       "I am delighted to meet you only when I am delighted to meet myself."

       "Acceptance is not allowing or tolerating... rather it is the active and conscious "seeing" of things/people
        exactly as they are. This "seeing without distortion" is the first and most basic life skill to be pursued and,
        hopefully mastered. ☺"

      "The delight of a Conscious Conversation when Connection, Calibre and Character are present... Priceless!"

    "The biggest mistake in life is to try living without making mistakes ."

      "Nothing dents trust like an unkept word."

      "When I see it, its called self-awareness. When you see it, its called criticism."

      "When going through a difficult life experience, the 'old you' dies and a 'new you' is born. Unexpected
       benefit: you get to learn the art of reincarnating in the same body:-)."

      "I cannot be/ feel independent until I acknowledge and embrace my dependency 
       I cannot be/ feel 'índividuated' until I identify and own my deepest/ unmet needs."

      "On the path of self-discovery, the pointer towards the next step often comes as a question. 
       Ignore/ lose the question, lose the way. "

      "When I honour both light and shadow alike, I heal the split (in my consciousness). My wholeness heals the


      "I can not will myself to 'let go' of pain. When I concede to embrace it in its fullness, pain releases  it's embrace
       and lets go of me."

      "'Dancing' with the daily and the mundane, being 'in-step' with the stuff of life is also the path to and the
        practice of 'spirituality'."


                                                                                                                                                   Sujata Potay

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