Art & Science of the
  Empathic Leadership

is a 30-hour course to enhance emotional intelligence and enable  Transformational Leadership

Inner Horizons strongly believes in the dictum that "obstacles are not IN the path, they ARE the path". No matter what challenges individuals find themselves in, those particular situations hold the key to their personal growth and transformation.  Seekers are guided to apply holistic-integrative principles & practices drawn from ancient wisdom traditions & modern psychology, to unearth and decode their self-limiting patterns. Further, their capacity for Presence is enhanced such that they imbibe the knowledge and skills to  live with integrity, engage with empathy, and respond with flexibility. 

Art & Science of

is a 60-hour training & certification course for practicing & aspiring Counselors and Coaches


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Inner Horizons is a safe and sacred space for seekers to explore their relationship to  self, other and context in order to discover and pursue their personal and unique path to Self-Actualization.

Inner Horizons facilitates these transformational journeys by offering customized workshops for  individuals, couples, parents, organizations, and training & certification for professionals. 

Art & Science of the

is a 12-hour experiential workshop to explore intimate relationship as a path to self-actualization

Self-Empowerment for


is a 48-hour course to empower educators with skills of competence, connection, and creativity in teaching